What Are The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest in 2018?

What Is The Current Situation In The CryptoCurrency Market and Why You Should Consider Investing in Gold as Well?

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is now almost 140 billion US dollars – for comparison: In January 2017, we were still at 16 billion US dollars.

And while media awareness of cryptocurrency is rising sharply, there is still relatively little talk about the revolutionary technology behind the new currencies called Blockchain. The blockchain is a digital booking system that accurately tracks all transactions and saves every change as a “block”. By linking the individual blocks, each containing the information of the previous block, creates an infinitely long “chain”, from which the name “Blockchain” is derived. The blockchain is also distributed decentrally on all integrated computers worldwide, which is why manipulation is considered almost impossible

For a better explanation of what blockchain is watch the video here:


What Are The Big Corporation In The Cryptocurrency Game and Which Should You Invest In?

Corporations such as Apple, Google and especially IBM and Microsoft, as well as large parts of the banking industry, have been working for some time in blockchains.

In addition to the big players, there are also many innovative, new concepts based purely on blockchain. A good example of this is the Sia cloud. Sia provides a completely decentralized cloud solution, which comes along with the increased security level and very attractive pricing. Compared to the cloud solutions Amazon S3 ($ 115 per month), Google Cloud ($ 100 per month) and Microsoft Azure ($ 120 per month), the five terabytes of storage space in this case costs just $ 5 monthly.

But how can we participate in blockchain theory in addition to technological advances? One way is to invest in cryptocurrencies – the other is to invest in blockchain stocks. You can find a list of the best cryptocurrency to invest by business24-7.ae

The complexity of the shares depends first of all heavily on the broker used. Since not all blockchain stocks list, we have had good experiences with the free brokers from Comdirect and ING-Diba.

The topic Blockchain shares is currently divided into two areas from our point of view:

  1. Startups or specialized investment holdings that are currently low capitalized:

Bitcoin Group SE is a holding company focused on innovative and disruptive business models and technologies in the areas of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Bitcoin Group SE holds 100 percent of the shares in Bitcoin Deutschland AG. It is Germany’s only authorized trading center for the digital currency Bitcoin.

TIO Networks delivers cloud-based services that enable customers to pay bills immediately through a variety of payment channels. They are positioning themselves above all for the LMI user (low to moderate income) in underbank markets. Currently you have completed the phase of Softgate system integration. This creates three new business units internally: Biller and Agent Solutions (process payments), Telecom Solutions (service providers), Consumer Financial Solutions (B2C)
The British Coinsilium Group invests in blockchain-based technologies, with a particular focus on fintech innovation. Coinsilium was the world’s first blockchain company with an IPO (initial public offering). Market capitalization currently stands at $ 4.5 million.

Digitalx is currently launching a cooperation with the Latin American partner Telefonica. Through this collaboration, it is now possible to use a transfer network from the US and Canada to countries such as Argentina and Uruguay with the Blockchain-based money transfer app “Airpocket”. This addresses both the large Latin American workers’ groups that want to send money home, as well as around 65 percent of Latin Americans who say they want to do more transactions on their mobile phone, according to an e-marketers survey. This was the highest percentage of all regions studied. Since Digitalx is still relatively young, the market cap is just 8.48 million US dollars.

First Bitcoin Capital participates in cryptocurrency-based companies and concepts such as Coinqx, Bitessentials, Bitclasstravel, Bitcoin.cc and Bitcoin ATM. The current market capitalization is around $ 121 million. Get more Bitcoin news by business24-7.ae here
Global Arena Holding specializes in holdings and patents in the blockchain crypto area. At present, the holding company is working on the application of blockchain technology to ATMs. Another project is smart contracts in wills. The blockchain triggers a chain of processes that greatly simplify many areas, such as checking for death and subsequent wealth distribution. The market cap is 13.63 million US dollars.

Large corporations rely more and more on blockchainĀ and here is why:

So with that being said in which Cryptocurrency should you invest from an investors perspective? I found this article sorting out the best cryptocurrencies of 2017 worth to invest.

What Are The Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2018?

There has been lots of publicity lately about what will be the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2018. We have gathered all of the information and put together a list of the most promising currencies we think will become the top options to invest in. We will publish our list in mid-June so stay tuned. Before our publication, you can watch the video below

Why Should You Consider Investing In Gold As Cryptocurrencies Are Down?

As you may know, gold is still treated as a safe haven investment and you always get to this point as other investment options are tanking. Right now almost all cryptocurrencies are down and people start looking for other investment options. At this point, gold seems to be the safest and most profitable option to go to. Gold is loosing in momentum as well but compared to the crypto market the losses are still small. That is the reason why people switching from crypto investment options to gold right now and we assume that as the demand for gold will grom the price will go up as well.

Update: 25.2.2019

Gold Is Still on The Rise and Cryptocurrencies are Still on the Downturn

As the crypto market is still seeing big rejections in the last month people seem to tend to invest in gold again. Gold seems to be the dafe have investment to go to when all other markets seem to crash and this is what we are experiencing right now. Gold is still cheap compared to 2014-2016 and more and more people are expecting the global economy to hit and recession in the next years to come – that is the main reason causing people to invest in this precious metal again.






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