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The UJnews.com is a fully-researched, fully-authentic source of Americas News, written for the business and marketing community in the United States. Known for our dedication to the latest stories, features, and facts, the UJnewspaper has worked since 1982 to deliver all of the latest breaking information on USA business, features, and news updates.

Whether you need to stay updated on the latest local changes within United States organizations, clubs, and groups, or you simply want the hottest news from the most reliable sources, we’re here to help.

At the UJnews.com, we even choose our advertisers carefully, to help make sure that you’re always getting the best possible value from your time with us. From great deals on car hiring companies, to exceptional flights back to the motherland, and even immigration attorneys, we can help with countless community requirements. In fact – if you can’t find what you need on our website, why not reach out to us for some bespoke assistance?


Today, the ujnews.com is proud to be the announcement hub for more than 222,000 members, including British transplants now living in the heart of the United States, holidaymakers, and Anglophiles alike. However, we’ve built ourselves up one step at a time, from humble beginnings that started more than two decades ago, in 1996.

While we currently bring in more than 14,000 hits a day, we started as nothing more than a simple publication, dedicated to bringing impeccable content to the people interested in business, investing and marketing news across the United States. Our non-stop devotion to chasing the facts, combined with our passion of all things related to business and finance, makes us the ultimate source of hot News, unmatched by any other American organization on the web today.

You can even check out our archive of fantastic back issues, to see where we’ve grown over the years. We promise you, it’s a pretty exciting journey…

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We believe that the ujnews.com thrives because of how much we appreciate our Community news audience. We get to know the people on the other end of the screen, so we can deliver the information you need every month. For instance, did you know that 60% of our readership is made up of expatriate business people? That’s why we have a huge variety of helpful expat information on our website, including advertisements to help you find solutions to make you feel right at home.

Because we’re an Americanised  publication, we can even connect companies and small businesses to customers over here in the United States, bringing the British and American communities together!

You can find our 20-year-strong tabloid newspaper every month, in a wide range of US locations, including specialty stores, travel firms, restaurants, pubs, automobile manufacturers, and British government offices.

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